Thinking about returning to work?

Are you one of the majority of women who doesn’t know where to start, or feel overwhelmed, when considering returning to work after a career break or maternity leave? The all too common result is a waste of talent and many unfulfilled women who could add so much value to their own lives and the work place by returning to work.

Whether you are thinking about returning to full time or part time employment, working from home, becoming a freelancer or setting up your own company, you may feel there are too many hurdles to overcome. For many women it is a huge transition.

Kemp Coaching provides inspirational one to one coaching and training for:working woman on phone optimized

-       Women on Maternity Leave

-       Returners To Work

Kemp Coaching will help you overcome your fears, clarify & make sense of your problems and build your confidence.  We will help you understand your strengths and skills, enabling you to research and source your ideal job.  We will help you break the process down into manageable steps, by looking at situations in a different light you will be able to overcome obstacles in your way.

Kemp Coaching will empower you to find solutions that fit your individual circumstances.  We will help you understand what has been holding you back, and consider alternative approaches to enable you to move forward.  Our support and encouragement will ensure that you stay on track.  The lively sessions are interactive, objective & non-judgemental.

Miranda Kemp spent twelve rewarding years working in recruitment, both as a consultant and a trainer.  She has interviewed thousands of job seekers, placed hundreds of candidates & trained reams of delegates on a range of job market related skills such as interviewing, presentations, negotiating & selling.

Miranda recognises the vast potential of coaching to support individuals and help them to realise their full potential.  She has undertaken diplomas in personal performance coaching & small business coaching with The Coaching Academy, qualifying with distinctions in both specialisms.

Please email or telephone to book a no obligation free telephone consultation to explore how Kemp Coaching could assist you.   Tel:  +44 (0)7980 744 439, email:

“The sessions encouraged me to take charge of my life & all the aspects of my life that were of concern to me.  I confronted issues, challenges & objectives that I would never have done without the coaching & it has changed my approach to key areas of my life such as work, family & hobbies.”  Thomasin Harris